New beginnings…

So! I haven’t posted in weeks! I guess in some ways I have an excuse, and in another way I don’t. On Wednesday this week I officially started High School at Pinelands High! So the past few weeks have been kind of hectic getting stationary etc. I also had some grandparents here for Christmas from England and my mum’s cousin’s family were here at New Years! Sooo… I’ve been busy, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had days of lying around doing nothing when I could’ve been doing a blog post. But the past is behind me like a ponytail and here I am, writing in the present.

High school is a BIG jump from primary and I had an idea of what it would be like but I did not expect what came at me! From subjects and teachers to lunchtime and classmates high school is A LOT different to I’ve been experiencing the past 7 years of school. In primary, every teacher knows your name and can give each child in their class time and attention. If teachers in high school learnt every child’s name, they would know almost 1000 childrens names. And I’m pretty sure that is mentally irrational (I don’t know if that is the right word but I hope you are picking up what I’m putting down) ! As a ‘teachers pet’ this is disappointing but I’ll be fine.

But so far, high school has only had 2 downfalls which are:

  1. The fact that in every single class we have, the teacher gives the smae welcome speech and we all have to learn each others names. Over and over and over and over!
  2. And that every adult I have seen and talked to in the past 3/4 days has asked me the same question: How’s high school which results in  the following dialogue : Adult: how’s high school. me: *innocent face hiding irritation* It’s confusing but fun.

So if you intend on asking that question in the next few days you will receive a link to this blog. *angel face*

The GinjaNinja 🙂



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  1. tazzyyc says:

    So true so true😜😘


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