Holiyay – Why, When and the Journey

Have you ever gone on a road trip overnight for 17 hours? Well, if you haven’t, You’re lucky. Very lucky. My older brother, Noah, was chosen to play in the A-side for Cape Town in the PSi Indoor Hockey Nationals in Pietermaritzburg. This was a huge accomplishment on his behalf and we were very proud of him. Anyway, we’re getting sidetracked. So Noah going to play hockey meant that we were going to drive across  to Pietermaritzburg to Watch Him Play Hockey. So we decided to make a holiday of it by staying another week or so then driving back slowly, staying somewhere overnight.

On Wednesday the 9th we set off at 9pm for our 9 hour journey to Bloemfontein. We arrived at 6am and stopped at Alabama Spur to have breakfast. YAY. Then at 9am we moved on to the Bloemfontein Botanical Gardens. We stayed there a few hours then went to the Restaurant  there and had lunch. Then when Isaac, my 2 year old brother, started his day nap, we set off for the 6 hour finish of our journey.

At 7pm we found a Pick ‘n Pay and bought dinner and breakfast for the next morning. Then Finally at about 7:30pm, We arrived at our destination.

Lucky Noah. He took an airplane.


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  1. I lol’d at the last paragraph 🙂


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