Friends? Nah… SiStErS. ;)

Hey guys! Another blog post! I’m really getting into this blogging stuff… but I’ll probably forget and next post in Feb!

This post is all about my friends! As you can guess from the title, we’re really close and I love them as my sisters.I like to call them my partners in crime and we love to have sleepovers. (especially with flings and oreos) the left, is my friend Katie Botha. Katie loves taking videos and making movies! The rest of us used to love it too but after a while it got old… Next to her is Taryn Coetzee. Taryn is the small one who loves hugs and always loves a juicy little gossip ;). Then it’s Nina. Nina always seems quiet but with us, she’s just as crazy as me! One of Nina’s favourite things to do is to play netball, just like the rest of us! Next to her is me! You already know about me so next up is Melissa! Melissa is the most organized one and always does her homework on time and we find stuff in her room that we received in GRADE 4!!

So that’s me and my friends! I hope you like them too!

The GinjaNinja xx


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Melissa abrahams says:

    Lol grace love u 😊❤❤❤❤


  2. katiebotha says:

    Reblogged this on Emotional Me and commented:
    i felt like crying when i saw this, gonna miss them so much next year… 😦


  3. Nina Rinquest says:

    Gracey you are so sweet man. I love you soooo much!!!!!


    1. graceyjones says:



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